Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Qui êtes vous, Dolly Maggoo?

Hi-dee-hi, dearies!

There's an old joke that tells of two English gentlemen stranded on an island for 3 years who never spoke to one another that entire time, as they hadn't been properly introduced. In order to alleviate any similar silence betwixt you and I, my first post will assure that we are properly acquainted!

I'm an American and I've recently graduated with a fashion design degree. I've lived in London for the past three years while attending uni and I adore it! I love cupcakes, silent films, mod boys, and the 1960's.

I'm originally from a tee toncey town in Tennessee called Greeneville....and yes, Almost Famous fans, there really IS a Greeneville, Tennessee and it really IS so boring that the only thing to do there is lose your virginity! I grew up a slightly odd only child who spent the majority of my free time listening to my parents old vinyl collection, hand sewing tiny mod clothes for my Barbie dolls, and going to antique auctions with my mother.

My first vintage piece was a 1950's rhinestone and pearl encrusted pink sweater snatched from the 'church rummage sale' box at my grandmother's house. She couldn't understand why an 8-year-old would want something that she hadn't worn since the early 60's, but she chuckled and sent me away wearing it. This eventually led to her sending anything amazing and vintage that she found on her yearly attic/rummage sale purge to me, via my dad, who would roll his eyes and say, 'Your Mama D's found some more junk for your collection.'

My first vintage purchase was made at the age of 10, when I paid $12 at an antique market for a 1950's rose taffeta prom dress. This, and the other items in my collection went into what my nanny had always called my 'dress up' bag. This was only a giant Hefty bag full of old clothes and costumes to the untrained eye, but to a 10-year-old, it was a door to my own little pretend world where I would put on fashion shows starring my friends and I for my family and nanny.

Fast forward to adulthood..........I'm still a strange only child, I still spend most of my free time listening to 50's and 60's vinyl, sewing modish dresses, and shopping for vintage clothing....so, some things never change! That 'dress up bag' has slowly evolved into an every-day wardrobe studded with many vintage clothes and accessories, and the fashion shows have gone from pieces put together for friends and family, to my designs going down actual catwalks at University fashion shows.

And that, my gloriously shiny new friends, is me!

And if you're wondering what vinyl yours truely was spinning at ten years old, here are selections from my collections, donuts!....

There! Now we're acquainted, lovelies!

More fascinating tidbits to come



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