Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky.....

Malvina Reynolds wrote a smashing little ditty in 1962 titled, 'Little Boxes'.

Inspired by it, I was, and based around it a loverly little collection worthy of a 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' who loves eco-friendly fashion, vintage, and a one of a kind silhouette. All of the designs featured a Mondrian inspired patchwork of vintage and thrift store finds. All of the garments made from one textile source, in this case cotton, so as to be easily recycled if needed. Also, the dresses are all made in such a way that they can be worn by two to three different sizes of women, so as to be easily borrowed out amongst friends. This collection was the first time I looked at sustainability in fashion, a design philosophy that has now become second nature to me and I hope will be to you kids too!

This is a photoshoot featuring a mini dress from the collection:

Love and fairie cakes!



  1. I love these pictures, and I adore that song! I always get it stuck in my head.


  2. Such a great and catchy little tune...and such a profound message too. During the time I was designing this collection, that song was stuck in my noggin at least 5 days per week! But I guess there are worse ones to have there!
    Cheers for stopping by!! x